About Heating Engineers & Plumbers in The South West of England. This blog is going to be about local heating engineers and plumbers. This will include details of the most reliable in your town including;

  • Swindon
  • Worcester
  • Oxford
  • Chichester
  • And More

South West

We will also outline all the jobs that you should contact a heating engineer or plumber about so you know you are contacting the correct tradesman.

What Is A Heating Engineer?

A heating engineer both installs new gas central heating systems in homes and offices and also services and repairs problems with heating systems and radiators. Always use companies that display the logo below.

heating engineer regulations
heating engineer regulations

Heating For New Build Homes

There is lots of planning that goes into choosing the heating system for new homes such as;

  • The positioning of radiators for effective heating of the space
  • Insulation of the home is it good enough
  • The routes for all pipes and controls
  • The position of control units for ease of use and getting electric supply to it.
  • A convenient place to have the boiler, with access to ventilation.